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Day 47 - Balance Is Hard To Find

Posted by nancypan23, 07 November 2013 · 174 views

balance is hard to find. 
it's also hard to resist candy and sugar.  I'm dead serious when i say i have a reaction to this.  It's NOT a myth.  Halloween was a week ago and i'm still suffering the consequences of too much chocolate/candy.
on top of that i did too much tea tree oil on the forehead and irritated it.  too much of a good thing is BAD!  dryness and small irritated bumps.  temples too.  i hate my temples.  but they are starting to heal. 
trying to get balanced again.  seems i can only manage being balance for a week and then something knocks my skin for a dry loop.
ugg.  back to logging everything down to figure this out.  bear with me.
I'm stuck on the smoothies!  great habit to have !

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