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Adult acne can GFI!

Cold Shower...not Really Lol

Posted by nancypan23, 25 February 2014 · 160 views

After doing some reading I’ve come to the conclusion that my showers are WAY too hot.  no no no not like that LOL  
I love a scalding hot shower but my skin does not.     
I turned down the temp and immediately saw a difference.  I wasn’t so red and irritated when i got out of t...

It's Been A While

Posted by nancypan23, 24 February 2014 · 312 views

It's been a while since I’ve posted something.  Nothing really good has changed.  still breaking out.  Still sad and frustrated. still picking AGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!  
I’m less dry and flaky b/c of my new moisturizer with i love but i still get red and irritated.  also small papules because of the irritation....

Dr Phil

Posted by nancypan23, 23 December 2013 · 152 views

I've never heard anyone talk about this.  thank you Dr Phil!

Learned Something New

Posted by nancypan23, 18 December 2013 · 93 views

I learned something new while watching the Dr's on TV.  Never use ret-A and Glycolic acid at the same time.  It may seem obvious to some but i didnt even think about it.  i would use my pads and then use my ret-a night cream shortly after.  
i never noticed a huge reaction but apparently it is really irritating.  maybe this...

Glycolic 10-2 Pads

Posted by nancypan23, 12 December 2013 · 134 views

i got my Glycolic 10-2 pads in the mail and started using them on monday 12/9.  I used them 3 days in a row.  old black head came out this morning.  however....
i need to take a break...too irritating
i'm now seeing red irritation bumps (not zits but i guess they could turn into them).
lay off the pads for a few days....

Uggg Blackheads

Posted by nancypan23, 05 December 2013 · 124 views

ok so my moisturizer is working great.  I’m not flaky anymore.  i use it after every shower but it is too heavy for under make up but that's ok.  i gently rinse with cool water just to lessen the shine.  
however,  the damage is done.    
because of all the flaking blackheads are showing up all over like craz...

2 Month Mark

Posted by nancypan23, 25 November 2013 · 148 views

It's been 2 months since i started this blog.  i recently joined a thread about picking.  Here's my post after joining:
Thanks!  What is my main concern?  Mainly blackheads with the occasional white head or red lump as i call them.  My topicals prescriptions do work but they have a tendency to make me irritat...

Day 47 - Balance Is Hard To Find

Posted by nancypan23, 07 November 2013 · 175 views

balance is hard to find.     
it's also hard to resist candy and sugar.  I'm dead serious when i say i have a reaction to this.  It's NOT a myth.  Halloween was a week ago and i'm still suffering the consequences of too much chocolate/candy.  
on top of that i did too much tea tree oil on the forehead and irritated...

Day 34 - Getting There

Posted by nancypan23, 25 October 2013 · 108 views

getting there.  still a bit dried out.  The every other day thing does help.  as does the honey.  tasty too lol  
however i think me body is still adjusting to the fact that i changed my BC prescription.  It may take a few months.  BUT i had less breakouts when i was supposed to get my period this month.  no d...

Day 30 - Still Dry

Posted by nancypan23, 21 October 2013 · 105 views

Day 30 and still dry.  i will try the honey mask again tonight and i will be adjusting my prescription regiment due to the change in the weather.  
colder air = drier skin for me.     
i'll try skipping a day in-between and just moisturize on my "day offs".  i have a log book to keep me on track, thank god!  

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