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Day 7... Really Day 1

Posted by nikkimixam, 23 September 2013 · 327 views

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Finished the summer off right.   Went out to eat many times these past few days, eating whatever the f I wanted.  Went grocery shopping today.  Today is day 1 for me.  As of today,  I have two zits on left cheek drying up. A tiny one drying up on my right cheek.   3-5 drying up on my chin and two drying up on my forehead.  Mind you,  I ate a little bit of everything yesterday so a little dairy,  gluten, nightshades, etc.  Being good from here on out.   I will update in a week!  Pictures too!  I'm expecting a massive breakout because of my Shitty diet these past couple of days.   Maybe the chromium will help?  We shall see.

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