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Posted by Pqmbry, 14 September 2013 · 147 views

Hi, my name is Bryan and i have had cystic acne for almost 3 years now which has been getting progressively worse. I went to a few dermatologists which have prescribed me doxycycline antibiotic and creams such as Duac, Differin, Tazorac, Clindamycin, and am currently on trentinoin .1%. All my dermatologists have said that I am a candidate for Accutane, but due to my Ulcerative Colitis, I am unable to take it because there is a higher risk for me to develop Chron's Disease which would, in the long run, be way worse than dealing with the severe acne i have now. Any suggestions? Also i was thinking about trying "The Regimen", but is that effective for cystic acne?
Ps: This is my first blog so please tell me if im doing it wrong lol. Thanks Posted Image

Hey, I'm not sure about the Regimen but I've been using this stuff called Lerosett and it's really been working for me. Although I don't have cystic acne, if you visit the website, it says that it is an effective treatment for cysts. It may take a few months to start working, but it's worth a shot. Hope this helps :) Best of luck!

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