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Week 3 (40Mg Claravis/accutane)

Posted by mochi12, in Uncategorized, accutane 11 September 2013 · 432 views

Dry everything. I feel itchy like i'm on pins and needles.. no IB still... I am starting to wonder if it will ever come I hope it does not. So no new breakouts. My pores are showing up and they look weird dark and dry and I can't pop or squeeze anything my skin is sensitive and I have a pinkish orange tint on my face still.... I put chapstick and aquaphor at night and in the morning my lip skin all comes off soon as I wash my face then again at night it peels in the shower and reveals new skin.. I hope my whole face will do that during this treatment. I hope to shed off all this crap gunk on my face including these deep scars.... Anyways that's all I can update.

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