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Day 13 (40 Mg Claravis)

Posted by mochi12, 07 September 2013 · 622 views

acne girl accutane claravis
Skin: dry and itchy. Flaky but still exfoliating at night to control it.I really can't stand the itchyness I feel like I have a sunburn my face is reddish tint which magnifies the old and new scars/spots. I feel like I have ant bites all over my face but when I look its just really dry. Some new actives but they are drying out and going away there's a medium sized spot on my upper lip that is tender and I can feel it and see it!  I hate getting zits on upper lip, middle of for head, in between eyebrows, actually I hate any spots front in center of my face lol I don't mind them on the outside area of my face as much but hate the ones I can feel bc it's all I think about! Okay I'll try to stop obsessing.
Hair: dry but still kinda have that waxy dried feeling so I still wash it daily.
eyes: super dry I am wearing glasses from now on
Lips: dry and flaky to the point I peeled off all the skin from my lips they were so flaky and sticking out everywhere and a few hours later they started to flake the same again! I am using chapstick with a coat of Aquaphor on them. Anyways guess I gotta start dealing with that now. Anyways I'll try not to peel them anymore its not a good look lol
Body: is itch all over I am getting a rash on the tops of my hand. Kinda feel achy when I wake up. At night I get hot and uncomfortable tossing and turning. I am also really thirsty now and feel dehydrated..
mind: I feel more tired I usuallly don't take naps but today I was super tired in the middle of the day and took a two hour nap.

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