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Day 2

Posted by melxxxx, 03 September 2013 · 413 views

Skin today- absolutely horrendous!   
Please,  Epiduo! Work you're magic on me...!!
Trying not to be discouraged, I have read many times that Epiduo can cause a break-out in the first few weeks of use...so, I will just have to wear a paper bag over my head for a while http://www.acne.org/...tyle_emotico...

Day 1

Posted by melxxxx, 02 September 2013 · 586 views
epiduo, adult acne, support, help
Background of my acne.  
I started with adult acne around 3 years ago (aged 26). Until this point, I had never suffered with spots and had the most perfect skin. I was devastated...it wasn't gradual. I woke up one morning with huge, painful spots and my confidence hit the floor. I used heavy make up to cover the acne, which resulted in more aggress...

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