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AmyyRose's Regimen Blog

The Regimen - Day 56

Posted by AmyyRose, 23 October 2013 · 191 views
So I feel like i've hit a brick wall. Lately the past week or so my skin has been going crazy with pimples.. and i'm not happy with the way my skin looks.. I have slight pigmentation on my left cheek.. I remember squeezing some pimples there and once they healed I got some slight brownish-like textured pigmentation on that area... I am pretty down in the...

The Regimen - Day 44

Posted by AmyyRose, 13 October 2013 · 186 views

Well my skin is still very tight and dry once I cleanse my face morning and night.  Although it goes away once I apply BP and moisturise.. But it does concern me a little.. I read up about moisturising before putting on BP.. So I think I might give it a try for a week to see how my skin goes..
I had a big pimple the other week which really ups...

The Regimen - Day 30

Posted by AmyyRose, 27 September 2013 · 255 views

So it's been a month since starting Dans Regimen! And my skin has been really hectic to care for, its been oily, its been dry. It's been flakey, it's been tight. I had to add in Castor oil and Sweet Almond oil into my routine to keep my face moisturize and keep it from drying out. The castor oil has brought life back to my skin, it now has a 'dewy' finish...

The Regimen - Day 17

Posted by AmyyRose, 14 September 2013 · 171 views

It's day 17 and I was going to do an update earlier then this but I just got really busy and went away for a week with the boyfriend! I only just upped my dosage to putting BP on mornings as well, I was going to do this ALOT earlier, like last week on day 8 but I just couldn't find the time, I was flat out trying to find time to do my regimen every night...

The Regimen - Day 7

Posted by AmyyRose, 05 September 2013 · 496 views

So it's my 7th day doing the regimen process! And I am already seriously thinking of buying Dan's AHA and BP as I think the gel formula would be much easier to apply then the cream I am currently using. Also I really want to use the AHA I have heard so many amazing reviews about it!

Anyway so my skin healed up really well the first 5 days, like it went f...

The Regimen - Day 2

Posted by AmyyRose, 31 August 2013 · 600 views
benzoyl peroxide, diary, entry and 2 more...
So this is my first blog entry, and my second day since starting   Daniel Kern's regimen using over the counter products. 
So the products I am using come in either a pack called the  Cetaphil Clear Skin Acne Pack  or you can buy the products individually.  
Pack Contains -:  
Cetaphil Oil Skin Cleanser 235mL
Benzac AC 2.5% Gel 50g...

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