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Roaccutane/accutane Treatment: Week Eleven/twelve

Posted by EmilieSea, 27 November 2013 · 308 views

roaccutane accutane oratane acne treatment progress pictures
So, I've decided that I'm going to be featuring two weeks in one blog from now on. I really feel like the treatments drastic climax has reached its end, so now it's just boring.
3 months on Roaccutane! Woo hoo, halfway there! Nothing has changed really. My body acne is almost gone, I've had the odd occasional breakout, otherwise that's all fading pretty quickly. I've had a couple of breakouts under my chin, which may be because I forgot to take my make-up off the night before, but other than that, not much more has changed. I guess the redness has reduced a little bit, but the acne is still quite visible. My scars are very irritating, but I try not to think about them too much. 
Dry lips, of course. God, I can't even begin to explain the sun sensitivity though. I hurt my wrist last week, and had to wear a fabric bandage on it for a couple of days and now I'm stuck with a big, dirty tan line because the rest of my arms got burnt. 
I'm going camping this weekend, and my goal is to not get sun burnt at all. Slip, slop, slap all the way. 
Alrighty, see you all in a couple of weeks.
Apologies for the crappy photos, I'm starting to get lazy with the blogging and I knew if I didn't take some form of picture, it would've never gotten done. P.S MY ACNE LOOKS WORSE THAN THIS! I PROMISE TO TAKE IT IN HD NEXT TIME!
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See you soon!