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Lerosett For Cystic Acne?

Posted by KC0220, 20 August 2013 · 922 views

Hey Everyone. So it's been almost 2 weeks since I went back to the dermatologist, but it's been about 3 weeks since I had a new cyst pop up on my cheek.... Last week I had it lanced and it seemed to have gone down for oh two days, and then before I knew it it was the same size it was, maybe even bigger, I was doing warm compresses. I'm on spironolactone and take it once in the morning & at night, I just finished up an antibiotic, Clyndamicin, and still NOTHING seems to be improving. I think the redness has gone down, just a little bit as I take pictures twice every week. I've been on 4 or different antibiotics since June and I honestly can't believe my face is still this bad. It's never been like this, I'm used to the same routine, get a break out, go to the dermatologist & get it injected, few months later get another couple of cysts get them injected and it's been that way since I was 18. Now..... since it May it seems as if my body is rejecting the injections (and not working) and rejecting all types of face washes & antibiotics.. don't know why though.
So now, I have found something called Lerosett. I got the free trial of it and am going to try it out. I'm trying to avoid going on Accutane AGAIN because I've read too many things about people doing it for a 2nd or third try & still get cysts, and my cholesterol was through the roof when I took it the first time, even when I was on cholesterol medicine.
Has anyone heard of Lerosett and has anyone tried it? I'm at my breaking point and now I'm even cutting dairy out of my diet because people say it has to do with food too (I didn't believe any of that) but now I kind of do and don't know what else it could be.. and as for it being hormonal, wouldn't I have had reactions this bad years ago? and it still doesn't explain why it's gotten worse since May 2013 & no matter what I do and have done.
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The first picture is the last week of May and whenI notice I'm getting a cyst I go to the dermatologist ASAP
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This picture is of just last week.... :-/ ugh
Thoughts & comments, wtf is happeninggggggggg?

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hey i dont have cystic acne but i started on lerosett about 5 days ago so we can go thru the journey together! i hope it works for you :)

I hope it works for you as well! :)

I know you have tried five different antibiotics, but I have to ask "Have you tried amoxicillin or cephalexin?" Both of those drugs cured my cystic acne. I had to use a lot of them in the beginning just to knock out the bacteria that had colonized my pores. Now I take a normal dose, 500mg 3 times a day.  I also supplement with 500mg of cephalexin two times a day. I get the cephalexin from my primary doctor and the amoxicillin from my dermatologist. Its kind of tricky but you can do it, just ask for them from each doctor and don't mention that the other doctor is giving you a different antibiotic. That's how you can get both. I don't personally think Lerosett will work, its too natural and severe acne needs serious drugs to keep it under control. Also Lerosett seems too inexpensive to really work.

I have tried amoxicillin & cephalexin, cephalexin was one of the ones that I was on out of those antibiotics. I feel like nothing works or has worked since May at least, which is very strange because it ALWAYS has... that's what's frustrating me the most is not knowing why nothing isn't working & just getting worse.. Maybe I'll have to try getting both of them then & see what happens.  :)

ouch I can relate to those damn cysts....


for me I changed my diet, ditched dairy and gluten, tough to stay on it, but please try to at least ditch dairy for a month and see what happens


also I've cut open an ibuprofen capsule and applied that directly topically on the cysts and after about 10-15 min layer some pure aloe vera over it...helps them go down faster, for me anyway

I just started to not eat dairy on Monday same with gluten. Hopefully I'll notice a difference. And I'll have to try that, I'll try anything at this point lol

Hey, I used Lerosett for a good four or five weeks religiously and then once a day for a while and now a couple times a week just to finish the last of three tubes. I can't give a completely reliable review because I started accutane a week after starting with the Lerosett but I don't think it really worked for me. I broke out pretty bad in the first week which continued into the second with the accutane of course and by the 2nd or third accutane week (3rd and 4th w/ lerosett) I wasn't getting any more cysts but still a lot of white heads and such.

I still havnt had any cysts since then but I have been using the lerosett less and less and my skin continues to improve which is why I'm giving credit to the accutane. I like the product because its the most convenient clay mask Ive used and the face wash felt good too (but I stopped using that because I didn't want to use anything with SA or BP while on accutane) It also didn't dry out my skin too bad. The moisturizer is really good, probably the best product of theirs that I tried and I still use it sometimes. The reason I won't be buying it anymore is that its just too expensive, especially if you want to use it twice a day, plus it didn't even work for me. I hope it works for you though because I really liked their system. 

I should also mention that a few weeks before the lerosett and accutane, I stopped eating peanut butter and pretty much all nuts which might also be why i stopped getting cysts. I was never big on the whole diet and acne thing but now I'm afraid to eat peanut butter again lol 

Anyway, sorry for the novel. Hope this helped. Good luck :) 

Thanks Tim! I'm not going to use it because I read more bad than good about it..I read about mario badescu buffering lotion too so i just got a bottle on my way home from work yesterday and i woke up and My face wasn't as red and inflammed as its been since June/July, which was soo weird. Anyways, I'm not into the whole diet thing either and didn't really believe in it until I kept reading about dairy and cystic acne, and figured its not gonna hurt to try.. i did hear about peanuts too, which I'm avoiding as well :) you're on your second course of accutane right? What month ru on? I feel like I'm going to have to do a second course, but don't want to as well since the first time never even worked

I have tried amoxicillin & cephalexin, cephalexin was one of the ones that I was on out of those antibiotics. I feel like nothing works or has worked since May at least, which is very strange because it ALWAYS has... that's what's frustrating me the most is not knowing why nothing isn't working & just getting worse.. Maybe I'll have to try getting both of them then & see what happens.  smile.png

My regimen might work for you. You have to bend the rules a bit for at least the first 6-7 weeks by taking more antibiotics than prescribed. My chin was severely infected and it was breakout after breakout. No clear days for 2.5 years. I didn't have health insurance for 2.5 years and the acne ran wild on my face. The moment I got health insurance I threw the book at my acne and basically killed it off. I still take antibiotics every day and use three topicals- clindamycin, tretinoin and benzaclin. Good luck! Never give up. I can't wait to see your pics once you are clear. Have faith...it will happen!!

No problem, yeah I've been using the buffering lotion for a long time and found it to be the most effective spot treatment for cysts by far, the thing is I have to apply it as soon as I feel something coming for it to work. It's saved me many times but there are also times that it does nothing for me. Still I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to fight off cysts. I'm just starting my 4th month now and have been seeing steady improvement throughout. It's a big step to go for a second round but it was by far the best thing I ever tried for my skin and its proving to be again so I'm gonna stick out the course and take as good care of my skin as I can afterwards and hope for the best.

Since I last posted & said I stopped eating dairy & gluten, my face has improved, a lot. I'm still taking the Sprionolactone, fish oil pills & the buffering lotion.  The last picture I posted I'll add a picture I just took yesterday, it's still red, but improved a lot. smile.pngsmile.png or at least I think it has... what do you guys think?

so how I it going?  I found the no gluten no dairy got me almost clear, let us know and post that picture

Hey I actually started a new blog yesterday and my face is worse again, posted pics too.. Ugh

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