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Month Two, Week Three

Posted by Amandals2007, 06 October 2013 · 193 views

Not as many pimples coming in. Still getting breakouts but just not as many pimples and they generally aren't as big. The  eczema has gone away thanks to the jojoba oil I ordered from this site!! It seems to help all over!! I add it to my face and body lotions and it really has helped! I hope it stays helping with winter coming!! I'm having back pain but not sure if it's from my back injury that flares up sometimes or the meds. My hips are sore too so maybe it's both? I dunno.

I love that my scalp is not oily anymore because I can go 3 days without washing my hair with helps it be healthier but also keeps my scalp from itching!! Win win situation! I go back to the doc nect week for my apt. Let's see how it goes! :)

Oh and blood work is coming back fine! :)