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The Beginning Of My Journey

Posted by Amandals2007, in Accutane 20 August 2013 · 416 views

accutane acne day 2 week 1
Hello and welcome to my blog. I will post more later when I have a bit more time, but i just wanted to start this out. I am on my second day of accutane. No side effects yet. I am 24, been battling acne since i was 15. I have tried everything over the counter, all the chemical peels and perscription that you can get from the doctor. I didnt even know about acctuane until april this year. When my new dermatologist had me try a round of Retin-A and Duac, she said she didnt think this would work but had to try something before she could put me on acctuane, which she thought i needed. After that visit i went home and researched myself what the drug was. I then switched dermatologists around July (to the one i was really trying to get into but was booked and then an opening came up) and he right away decided i needed acctuane. At that time i had all my ducks in a row, checked insurance information to see what drugs were covered, got all my monthly appointments scheduled, and got all the products i found online that people said helped them on their journey.
My doctor is starting me on 70mg a day for the first month. It kinda scares me because I have read that is a high dosage, especially to start on. Anyone have thoughts on that? I have not felt any different yet. Maybe a headache but i get those from time to time so im not sure what the headache is from. I will try to post as much as I can and maybe some pictures to document my journey. I loved reading the blogs on here and the after blogs of life after accutane, so I would like to make one so that someone else can get some good information from my blog if they decide they want to go on the 'tane!!

Hey if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Im on my second course of accutane right now. I started with month. My first course I started with 70mg a day. I really only had dry lips and skin but had great results.