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Posted by redcapz, 13 October 2013 · 181 views

Been a really long time since my last entry. ..

A tiny update. .

My pimples are disappearing .. right now got two on my face! And I get a new one right before my period every month:/

So today I was staring at my face and getting sad at all the marks on there. And then I thought about when those marks used to be horrible infected bumps !!!

And u know what  id rather have the scars than the bumps .which made me a little happy :)

My derm started doing peels for me she says right now the concentration is really mild and hence we are doing one every fortnight ... and then the interval in between two will increase .

I don't see any improvement in my scars tho ... but its been only two peels so far !keeping my fingers crossed :)

Im continuing with my oatmeal scrub ... its really great .
And the tto too ... I din apply it for two days and got a zit the next ! So thats proof that tto really helps !

I don't apply anything else on my skin only tto and the oatmeal. .. and my pimples are very mch under control .

Stay strong guys and keep fighting :)

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