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End Of Week 3

Posted by redcapz, 09 September 2013 · 242 views

isotretinoin honey oatmeal
Im taking amoxicillin 1000 mg a day along with the isotretinoin.
My IB was pretty bad .. to the point I felt like staying indoors at all times .
Its much better now . I guess the amox is stopping any new breakouts .

I have continued with my steaming . And now I also apply tto to my face its 15% diluted.. says so on the bottle .

I have stopped using any other chemicals on my face apart from my cleanser I feel its unnecessary . Before going to bed I do apply clindamycin.

Apart from that I started using an oatmeal and honey mask. And after it dries I gently scrub my skin with it since I have no active pimples right now . My skin feels really great after the scrub soft and glowing . I do it everyday and there has been a marked reduction in my redness. It's really really great :)

That's all for now .
Have a great day :)

Yeah, Amoxicillin really works.

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