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Day 2 After Peel

Posted by redcapz, 22 August 2013 · 508 views

Theres no burning now thank god !!
And my skin is peeling ... I applied my soap and washed my face in circular motion to remove all the flaky skin.

I have only redness now ... my mom says my skin is looking much better ... but im comparing it to my pre acne skin and im not satisfied !

Im continuing with the tane... the only change I made was im laying of the BP for a while cuz my skin is a little tender from the peel and I dont want to dry it further with the BP. So im using topical clindamycin :)

So far so good ... no new pimples :)

I hope my redness clears soon too  :)

Side effects from the tane : my lips are so so dry ... I carry a chapstick with me everywhere I go and I have to keep re applying every two hours !

u shud use non soap cleanser r8??

n shoulnt pic at the flakes

Yes ideally! but This soap my derm prescribed its very very mild . And the flakes look real ugly so I gently removed them... I used clobetasone topical cream which helped a lot with the burning and I iced my face like three times a day :)

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