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22/08/13 - Improvements

Posted by CookieJ, 22 August 2013 · 486 views

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So I think it's been 2 weeks since I started using BP again. Things have improved by quite a bit, which is good news. Everytime it comes to taking pictures, I'm reluctant. But whatever, IDGAF anymore.
To be specific, the side views seem to have improved a lot. Front has improved too.
I've avoided doing my hair / putting anything in it because I fear it'll affect my skin, so I feel weird taking pics like this. I've also avoided shaving for the last week or so (luckily I don't get hairy) to avoid any possible irritation around my chin area.
I've only been using BP for my face, nothing else. I haven't had back/chest/shoulder acne in a long time. I must have grown out of it, barring the occasional pimple. All I use for my body is a natural shower gel. If my body has grown out of it, why can't my face???
My chest has some old nasty keloid scars, which have basically ruined any confidence I had about my body. Posted Image I decided to upload them anyway. A long time ago, the doctors prescribed a steroid tape to put on them. This reduced the size/flattened them A LOT, but once I stopped using it, they came back bigger. This is why I no longer trust doctors.
As for my back, you can see still marks where the acne used to be. Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures for this, but it used to be quite bad.
Anyways, 5 weeks 'til I go back to uni. Posted Image

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