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18 Week Update

Posted by susie5565, 21 November 2013 · 239 views

retin a 18 week 17 week
I hit 18 weeks. I took pictures at 17 weeks and think those look better than this weeks pictures. I will post the 17th and 18th week pictures. I feel it has gotten better than what it was. I still break out just not as bad as it was. I still am following my routine which is at night, wash with cetaphil, then retin a at night just on forehead and upper cheeks (not applying it on chin area other than gently swiping my fingers on it after already rubbing it in to the other areas of my face). Morning, wash with cetaphil, apply BP, apply moisturizer, apply sunscreen, then make up.
17 week pictures 
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18 week pictures
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Hi, How are you doing now that two more months have passed? Is there anything to you would do differently if you were to do it all over again? Hope it's going well!

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