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My Acne Journey lmao

Epiduo: Day 6

Posted by morganhaynes, 14 August 2013 · 520 views

So tonight will be the 6th night of me using Epiduo, and my skin has been really sensitive and tender (i guess?? i need better words) for the past few days. I've had to switch to less abrasive face washes and moisturizer, but even when i just touch my face it burns. Hopefully this will get better ugh. Also, my skin has started peeling, and broke out reall...

Background And Stuff Idk

Posted by morganhaynes, 12 August 2013 · 616 views
epiduo, first week, help, comment and 3 more...
Okay so I'm trying this blog thing to keep track of what's going on with my face for the next few months leggoooo I've had acne since I was about 13, and I'm 15 now, going into sophomore year of high school in a week. Ew. It wasn't actually bad until the middle of 8th grade, and I've consistently had anywhere from 5-15 blemishes on my face since the...

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