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Skin Update (Week 4)

Posted by iamdfag, 11 September 2013 · 330 views

progress neck acne skin updatw skin update
Skin Update (Week 4) Im sorry i havent posted yesterday coz the wifi got crazy. But anyways as promised, heres the pic of my progress after 1 month. :))

I know you cant tell huge improvement but honestly in person its really much better and my neck feels so much lighter unlike before. Right now the actual acne already dried up. Theyre all dead. But it left very visible acne marks which i hate.
Let me know your opinions about it. ;)
See you in a week.

I can see a pretty big difference girlie! Congrats! Are you using AHA? If not, I would totally recommend it.

Thanks! I am not using AHA but my moisturizer has glycolic acid in it so i guess it still works but where can i find/buy AHA?

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