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Skin Update (Week 2)

Posted by iamdfag, 27 August 2013 · 542 views

my skin got so dry because of the bp. areas where i put bp are darker than my normal skin. maybe i have put too much. i am now reducing the amount cause im afraid i might burn my neck. i tried to remove the flakes around my jawline by GENTLY rubbing them with cotton soaked on WATER which helped a lot.  my jawline is clearer but its so dry. my neck is breaking out. there are whites but im not afraid coz they said its part of the healing process. i can tell its true coz my breakouts last week are now clearing up.

i live in a tropical country which is pretty hard coz  a lot of irritations occur. my neck sweats a lot and i absolutlely hate it! as much as possible i stay away from scratching, picking and i put my head down when i wash my hair.

by the way, ill be meeting my derm tomorrow coz she told me to come back after two weeks. ill post her observation tomorrow.

so yeah! i hope my journey becomes successful.  let me know if youre having the same condition as mine. (neck acne) then lets talk about it :))


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