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Black Tea

Posted by SurealsRoad, 20 August 2013 · 609 views
tea, bath, drink, compress, acne and 2 more...
I always knew tea was a better option then coffee when it comes to your skin which is why you will find me drinking it in the afternoon vs. my age old habit of filling my coffee mug at the two o'clock hour. However, now I am reading about so many other benefits to it that I am really excited to try. Simple... yet so low cost!   Check out this li...

Day 13 - Slight Hiccup :( Still Going... Question!

Posted by SurealsRoad, 20 August 2013 · 505 views
acne, update, fail, patience and 2 more...
Day 13 and overall things have been great.  Yesterday however, I messed with a cystic pimple on my left cheek. Not a proud moment of mine. I need to learn to be more patient. Thankfully, I stopped sooner then I usually do. I tried to remedy my mistake with a Honey mask (with cinnamon) and I managed to leave it on for 30 minutes. This morning it...

Almost A Week! (Package Came This Morning!)

Posted by SurealsRoad, 15 August 2013 · 599 views
week, results, package, excited and 2 more...
So this morning means it has almost been a full week since I started The Regimen and I started using basic washes I have at home (But acne.org stuff came this morning): Wash: BeautiControl wash (lotion) BP: BeautiControl spot treatment with 2% BPMoisturizer: Meleluca Renew & BeautiControl Overnight lotion I have also done 3 facials in b...

Honey Mask

Posted by SurealsRoad, 13 August 2013 · 785 views
acne, wash, mask, honey, natural and 2 more...
Last night I tried a honey mask for the first time. A friend of mine has their own bee hives and harvested a large jar to give to us- You can't get more organic then that! So I decided to try just doing straight honey on my face. It was interesting- First off it felt like I was applying glue to my face. As I waited... and my skin began to warm the ho...

My Road To Clarity

Posted by SurealsRoad, 12 August 2013 · 583 views
acne, fitness, health, happiness and 3 more...
Hello All,  I am really excited to have stumbled on this site and to begin The Regime - For myself I have always had mild to moderate acne but what makes it worse is I am prone to easy scarring. When I was a teenager I never had this. It was only as I hit my late 20s that suddenly things have made a turn for the worst. More acne meant more scars...

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