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My Journey While On Accutane

Day 120

Posted by BeccaKitty, 07 February 2014 · 163 views

So, I remembered that I had this blog! I have been on accutane (absorbica) for 4 months now. I took a month break because I don't have insurance and my self pay program got canceled, and it took time for me to be approved for another one. But thankfully I have, and I am now starting month five! My dermatologist said this will most likely be my last month,...

Day 31

Posted by BeccaKitty, 09 September 2013 · 281 views
accutane, acne, journey, progress and 2 more...
My dosage has been upped to 60 mg per day, so two 30 mg tablets each day! I'm super excited to up my dosage because I just want to get better as soon as possible! My skin is still dry and my lips still chapped, but other than that not really noticing any other side effects. Excited to see what 60 mg will bring! Not so many pimples are popping up as well,...

Day 15

Posted by BeccaKitty, 20 August 2013 · 539 views
accutane, progress, acne, journey and 2 more...
Okay, so I'm now on day 15 and there are definite changes showing now!!! My lips are always chapped, which is annoying if I don't have a chapstick with me at all times. My skin is less oily, more red, and really dry around my nose and cheeks. I've gotten quite a few pimples this week as well, which don't seem to be too bad. My skin is more sensitive...

Day Seven

Posted by BeccaKitty, 12 August 2013 · 628 views
accutane, acne, progress, day 7 and 2 more...
I probably won't update every day, but I figured I'd use this post to describe my skin since I didn't in my first post! I have super super oily skin, like, I use so many of those oil blotting sheets a day. I haven't noticed a decrease in oiliness yet, but my lips are starting to get chapped. I came prepared though, I have a stash of what my research calls...

Day Six

Posted by BeccaKitty, 11 August 2013 · 583 views
accutane, acne, day 6, progress
So, this is a late first post, starting on day six and all. I am taking 40mg once per day. Nonetheless, hello anyone who wants to follow me on this journey as well! Today is day six on accutane, and I don't really notice any differences in my skin at all. I know I was supposed to stop using my topicals that I was using before while on it, but until I noti...

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