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Holiday With Acne

Posted by Jcvo123, 08 August 2013 · 712 views

holiday acne cystic depress
So i'm new to all this... not quite sure if i'm posting in the right place but here goes! So in my photo my skin looks great! This was around February. I still had pimples and stuff but not half as bad as I have now. My face has gone crazy. I had to literally beg the doctor to refer me to a dermatologist because she didn't know what she was talking about and would not listen to me. 
I haven't been out with friends since April haven't been socialising at all im so depressed and I am crying whilst I am writing this now! I have tried many acne products such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Differin, Clyndamycin, ProActiv, Clinique Anti Blemish solutions, Many anti-biotics which my body didnt repond to. and many more things! I am currently using dermalogica medi bac system but not seeing results yet. I have an appointment on 24th Spetember with a derm and I cannot wait. The only thing is i go on holiday in 12 days and Im so afraid to get my bare horrible ugly spotty face out. I cry whilst I get ready for work. Im 21 years old and never had it before so why now!!?? I look at everyone around me and wonder why its only me that is suffering and feeling like this... I want to go on roaccutane when I go see the derm but see what he/she says first... Also I am on Dianette pill now which makes me feel like crap! I am not quite sure whether it is the pill making me feel this way or the horrible red bumpy cysts all over my cheeks! I never broke out on my forehead before but now its coming!! What is wrong with me!? Can someone please help me!! I dont want this anymore!!! :-((((((( I need to smile again!!

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I'm sorry that you are going through this, and I'll try and help you the best I can. :) What type of acne do you have and how do certain products effect it? Since you have 2 weeks until your holiday, you have a bit of time to try and soothe your skin and get the swelling down. Personally, my skin loves it when I drink lots of green tea, so that might help your skin out too. Try and get any type of antioxidant, decaf green tea, just in case your skin is irritated by caffeine. If anything, drinking tea will get more water in your body and flush out the toxins. There is also a mask called the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask that will flatten bumps and soak up extra oil on your skin. It's at Ulta for $4. I've read online that it is great for cystic acne, so it's worth a shot. And you have such pretty bone structure, acne doesn't make you any less beautiful! Don't let acne get in the way of your life! 

Im not actually quite sure what it is. Its bumps under my that never really form a head. It is so frustrating... I currently have smothered my face in 99.9% aloe vera gel not quite sure what I will wake up to in the morning. I drink over 3 litres of water a day and at least two cups of green tea. Never drink tea coffee or anything with milk or dairy products. Im from the UK so not really sure what that product is. Its so annoying how much money I spend on acne products. My friends spend money on clothes and nights out and I spend mine on my face... Ive been trying to look for something I can wear on holiday thats waterproof and covers a little or hides the redness a little and that wont worsen my face... I wish I didnt let it get to me so much but it just does :-(

Aloe vera gel is a very soothing moisturizer and it shouldn't break you out. It's good that you take care of your body by drinking alot of water and tea, even if it doesn't effect your acne, it will effect the overall state of your skin. By drinking water, your skin will be more resilient, and reparable. I know how you feel, I used to suffer from moderate acne. I use Bare Minerals foundation, it's a mineral makeup, but I'm not sure if they carry it in the UK. You can wear it in the water and it won't come off, and it also looks super natural and feels great on my skin. Some people don't have luck with it, but it works for me. And to try and keep your mind off your skin, keep yourself busy. Read a book, go see a movie, get a manicure. Do things that are fun and make you feel pretty!


Around 8 months ago I was in the same boat, never had a pimple in my life them BAM! my cheeks just came out in these big welts and pussy gross dots. (see my gallery). I had to wait forever to see the derm and she just shrugged and put me on doxy (an antibiotic). My face got really infected and I got pretty sick and ended up going through emergency to another derm who was like whoaaa, and put me straight on accutane. 
Now, things got ALOT worse when i started that, my face blew up a thousand times more and i developed cysts under my skin.. so only ask for it if you really believe you need it. I didn't go to work for like a month, was too embarrassing. That was back in December and things have calmed down alot! I use Clinique red solutions foundation in calming ivory, seriously it covers EVERYTHING.. I just posted a pic with make up so show how good this stuff is.. It lasts all day, if i sleep in it it will still be on the next day (not recommending that) haha but might be good for your holiday! 
Hope this helps.. check out my blog to see every thing that i tried haha (i too have spent sooo much on my face )

good luck!

My face seems to be very very bumpy sometimes but then other days it seems smooth but still spotty... I do think I need roaccutane as it seems to be the only thing that may do any good... my only hope. My left cheek has been like this for nearly 2 years it goes down then comes back! MAybe the sun will do it some good?? I have a spf 35 bb cream to put on to try and hide it (the smashbox one) I use all the clinique make up designed for acne. Very expensive but the only thing that semi covers it all! (apart from the hidious bumps) so fed up walking around with my head down! I just want my life back! Thnaks for you comments :-) And sal1917 ive looked at your pictures and your skin looks amazing now!! I would do anything for your skin! I wouldnt even mind just the odd spot as long as they dont cluster up like mine are! eurgghhh its disgusting! I feel so dirty!  ewwww

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