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Week 2...and A Day

Posted by katelynb, 07 September 2013 · 481 views

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I have officially completed my second week. Seemed to go by a lot faster than the first so I'm hoping it keeps up with this pace!
So I definitely think that I am in the initial breakout phase. I had a few bumps earlier this week and I now have two painful bumps on my right cheek (see picture). They are not pleasant and I hope they go away soon, but I'm used to those lasting a while. Posted Image I also have a somewhat big bump near my chin.
Still haven't experienced many side effects. Dry lips and I thought that my skin wasn't dry until....
...I stupidly washed my face with a washcloth. First time I've used a washcloth in months (I try to avoid them because they apparently collect germs). I came home from work this afternoon and wanted to get all my makeup off fast. I must have rubbed my face too hard because when I washed it with soap, it burned. Lotion didn't really help. Several hours later when I took a shower, it still felt sensitive and stings a bit (sort of like a sunburn or something). Learned my lesson.
Other than that, still no peeling or flakes or anything. My skin is apparently just sensitive and I didn't realize it until today.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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