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I hope at the end of this I can say "Annnnnd it's gone"

2 Months 1 Week And 2 Months 2 Weeks

Posted by katelynb, 05 November 2013 · 263 views

2 Months 1 Week And 2 Months 2 Weeks So sorry these are late. College had been kicking my butt!

The first three pictures are from October 24 (2 months and 1 week). The bump on my forehead was terrible and did not go away for a while.

The last two pictures are from October 31 (2 months and 2 weeks).

Aches have still been the worst side affect. My back hurts basically all the time. Can't...

2 Months

Posted by katelynb, 22 October 2013 · 242 views
accutane, claravis
Sorry for my tardiness! I'm going to write this as if I wrote it on time...
So the bump on my cheek from last week turned into three bumps a couple days later! It really sucked. It was just a big cluster. :( More towards the end of the week, things started to clear up.
Dry skin has been rough. That and the achiness.
Nothing much else...

1 Month And 3 Weeks

Posted by katelynb, 14 October 2013 · 236 views
accutane, claravis
1 Month And 3 Weeks I apologize for how late this post is. I have been preparing for one of the worst weeks in college ever (tests, papers, presentations, etc.). The pictures below do represent the 1 month and three weeks mark because I did take them on Thursday. (I'm also going to write this as though I posted it on time)
A couple of things....
Do NOT use pore...

1 Month And 2 Weeks

Posted by katelynb, 05 October 2013 · 288 views
claravis, accutane
1 Month And 2 Weeks Sooo....basically no changes. I wonder if my skin is thinner because I have been getting a lot of scratches and I seem to bleed more easily. http://www.acne.org/...default/sad.png
I do have a question for you all. Did anyone experience sore gums while on Claravis? I never have issues with my gums, but they have be...

1 Month And 1 Week

Posted by katelynb, 29 September 2013 · 331 views
accutane, claravis
1 Month And 1 Week Sorry I'm posting this a little late. I took the pictures a couple days ago, so it should be accurate!
Anyway, I am now past the 1 month and 1 week mark. My skin was very volatile. I broke out a lot along my cheeks around the 23rd and 24th. At least they come and go fairly quickly.
My skin is extremely dry. Mostly my arms and hands. Some are...

Month 1

Posted by katelynb, 21 September 2013 · 199 views
accutane, claravis
Month 1 So I finished my first month (and a couple days)! I went to the dermatologist on Thursday and I will getting my second prescription today.
This week has been a little crazy because I got sick with a cold or something (I've been sick for a week now and I don't see it ending soon). I don't always get sick, but when I do, I get SICK (insert Dos E...

Week 3

Posted by katelynb, 13 September 2013 · 245 views
accutane, claravis
Officially done with my third week! It has been a crazy one so I will tell you all about it....
So the red bump(s) on my right cheek that I posted last week changed several times. First it was like 2 bumps. Then it was four smaller bumps. Then it turned into one large bump. It's not very big anymore, so I'm hoping it goes away soon.
I also h...

Week 2...and A Day

Posted by katelynb, 07 September 2013 · 481 views
accutane, claravis
I have officially completed my second week. Seemed to go by a lot faster than the first so I'm hoping it keeps up with this pace!
So I definitely think that I am in the initial breakout phase. I had a few bumps earlier this week and I now have two painful bumps on my right cheek (see picture). They are not pleasant and I hope they go away soon, but...

Week 1

Posted by katelynb, 29 August 2013 · 563 views

Week one complete! Feels like so much longer, but that's probably because school has started.
I am taking 40mg of Claravis. I am on a one pill then two pills routine for the next five months. I use Cetaphil everything (lotion, cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) for my skin though I have not yet experienced much dryness. My lips are a little dry...


Posted by katelynb, 03 August 2013 · 805 views
accutane, claravis
Pre-Accutane Hello, all. I have been reading tons of posts on this website for a while now and thought I would join. There have been so many great stories and I hope I will have one of those. Maybe I can help by detailing my experience too.
A little bit about me…I’m 21 years old, about to start my senior year in college and have been dealing with ac...

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