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Day 43

Posted by audabby, 12 September 2013 · 167 views

I did it!!! I grew a pair and FINALLY went makeup-free today! OMG - it was incredibly difficult. I had a hard time looking anyone in the eye and when I was in the presence of someone else, I would turn my head so that my "bad" side wasn't in view. Ugh, but I am proud of myself. I know that in the long run, being makeup-free is really going to help my skin heal. When I got home, I rushed to the bathroom mirror to scope out the disaster and surprisingly, my skin didn't look nearly as bad as it normally does when I wear a face full of foundation all day long.
I just updated a few days ago, but my skin is still coming along very slowly. No new actives to complain about really, but the left side of my jaw looks HORRIBLE... STILL. I have this fun mixture of healing blemishes and comedones. I wish these !@#$%^&* comedones would just make up their mind and either surface or go away. I hate the rough texture. I would honestly rather have a white head than a comedone any day.

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