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Day 38

Posted by Missalexcee, 19 August 2013 · 461 views

Hey guys. So today I was in gilroy, ca for a majority of the day & was 95 degree weather. I wore sunscreen (yay) and my skin did ok. Right now I'm letting the BP dry cuz I just finished showering (late I know) . I woke up this morning with my pimples calming down. But as the day progressed with the jojoba oil& sunscreen I think it made my levels of oil increase & all I saw were inflamed developing pimples :( idk if its pimples that have been hiding or if they're forming from the jojoba oil or sunscreen.. Just looked at the bottle & it said it didn't say anything bout it clogging pores... Damn it might be that then .... Well see in a few weeks. I've only slapped it on the few times I knew I'd be in the sun.. Anyways not really too much to complain about today :)



Good to hear! If I remember correctly, pimples start forming around 3 weeks before they actually surface. Google that to be sure, but I read it somewhere... probably acne.org.

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