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Tiny Clear Bumps All Over Face

Posted by Splodge2, 28 July 2013 · 2,169 views

tiny clear bumps under skin bumps
Tiny Clear Bumps All Over Face Hi,
I have these weird tiny clear bumps all over my face, no puss seems to come out and they are all mainly under the skin.
I have only noticed them today , not sure if it is heat rash or acne but I would appreciate some help.
I have a hen do in 2 weeks and wedding in a month and I really don't want to be stuck with these bumps Posted Image
I have also attached a pic , sorry it's not a good one but let me know your thoughts.

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Hi guys,


I would really really appreciate some feedback pls :( 

It's extremely difficult to tell anything by those photos. It doesn't look like milia so all I could guess is closed comedones. Doesn't look like rash. What are you currently using on your face?

I'm using the guinot products cleansing milk, toner and their moisturiser I use the sunsense spf 50 as this was recommended to me by the dermatologist. I'm also on the dianette contraceptive pill, as I used to have quite a few spots but the pill seems to be controlling them well. I just get the occasional one. how can I get rid of these, I have a few more clear bumps that have appeared on my forehead today and I keep touching them, pressing them down. they are so annoying :(
I've just attached some more pics , hope these are clearer!

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