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The Regime: Take II

Wondering If You Guys Experienced This

Posted by Spartan159, 25 September 2013 · 189 views

Wondering If You Guys Experienced This Alright! So it's been two month since I've started the regime properly.
I had immediately noticed a difference and had chronicled my progress over the first month with detailed obs once a week along side taking pictures.
*gasp* my skin had  cleared up within the month! Better yet, my hormonal acne didn't sprout up. I'd still get some breakou...

The History Of The Makeup Face

Posted by Spartan159, 27 July 2013 · 888 views
regime, acne, face, back, arms and 1 more...
The History Of The Makeup Face Here we are again! Nearly 7 years ago I started the regime...as a teenager. Back then would I have thought that the nearly 23-year-old me would still have problem skin? Maybe, but not this bad. I can say, this is the worst my skin has been in. Ever. Growing up, cystic acne or inflammatory acne wasn't all too common. For me it was whiteheads...

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