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2 Weeks Of Accutane

Posted by Gina1981, 22 August 2013 · 641 views

So, nothing new to report. No side effects? No real dryness, just itchy arms a little, but I moisturizer like crazy.  Lips r not dry yet but my mouth gets dry. But drinking lots of water helps!  I'm curious that I'm not more dry.  At least the lips?  Not,complaining though   I started own my normal dose routine of 20 in am and 20mg at pm, so we shall see how I react. I don't eat tons of fat and know its best to take ur pill w fat so I usually down a tsp of pb w my meal so in getting healthy fats w my accutane.
Still using aqua for for lips. Although I just got the Dior lip maximizer and its thick and amazing for ur lips. Using la mer cream and spf during the day.  Using Olay gentle cleanser which I love and the neutrogena toner which is alcohol free and very gentle. More like a makeup wipe but cheaper.  I totally recommend it!  I live my la mer cream too. It's so thick and soothing but not quite greasy...expensive of course but that's my one splurge:).  I also have been using the bliss sugar scrub for my lips and its amazing.  Could b why my lips r not that dry, it works wonders for dry flaky lips without irritating them.
My scalp is itchy, but I use jojoba or coconut oil few times a week and let it sit overnight and it works!,, better than head and shoulders!!!!
So, feel free to comment, and let me know how you all r doing on ur accutane journey

Hey Im just about done with my 3rd week on 40mg day too. Pretty much hab=ving the same side effects as you. My skin is just now starting to dry out but I had pretty oily skin.

Great!!! Yes, I was surprised I'm not more dry as I have always been more dry than oily. But so far so good. Had a few headaches initially but none since then. Kit. What's ur dosage plan??? I will be at 40 for another month and then 60mg for 3 a total of 5 months

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