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My Regimen Blog (cystic acne, please go away!)

Week 4: Dry But Improving

Posted by tennisgirl, 23 July 2013 · 739 views
acne, cystic, moderate, severe and 1 more...
The last week has been much better than when I last posted. First, the jojoba oil I bought from Whole Foods worked like a charm! I also learned this weekend that Trader Joe's carries jojoba oil as well so I bought theirs too. The Whole Foods one only dispensed 6 or so drops at a time and I was getting too oily. The Trader Joe's version lets me tailor how...

Week 3: Minor Set-Backs

Posted by tennisgirl, 16 July 2013 · 675 views
acne, cystic, moderate, severe and 3 more...
A few set-backs since I last wrote.  #1) that moderate pimple turned into a cyst yesterday. It came to a head last night but little came out when I tried to pop it. Tried again this morning & had better luck. Exciting because it should flatten out now right? Wrong. This evening, it remains raised in all of its inflamed glory.  However frustr...

Week 2: Getting A Little Better!

Posted by tennisgirl, 11 July 2013 · 661 views
cystic, acne, severe, moderate
Hi everyone, So I am 10 days into the Regimen. I've experienced a fair amount of dryness, as promised. I haven't tried the jojoba oil because I'm afraid to add oil to my skin, but I have used lots and lots of moisturizer.  I've been especially dry on my chin and around my mouth. I've been pretty impressed by Dan's treatment --- it dries clear, i...

Week 1

Posted by tennisgirl, 03 July 2013 · 773 views
cystic acne, regimen, retin-a
I wish I could say this is my first acne.org blog and that I'm surprised by how badly my skin has been behaving. Unfortunately, acne is all too familiar a story for me. I'm 30/F and have dealt with acne for more than half my life. I've been on Accutane 3x and yet my cystic acne keeps coming back.  The most my acne stayed away was for 7-8 years the fi...

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