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Tap Away Acne with Emotional Freedom Techniques

Dealing With Pimples And Breakouts

Posted by LukeSawyer, 06 July 2013 · 1,076 views
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I want to share some of the EFT tapping that I used to help heal zits and breakouts.      For those new to EFT, you learn it from this short pdf guide, and you'll be able to follow along with the tapping rounds I have below. I promise it will make sense once you've read it.         I would usually tap one or two rounds on acne in general, a...

Learn How To Use Eft For Acne

Posted by LukeSawyer, 05 July 2013 · 1,840 views
eft, emotions, acne, tutorial and 1 more...
Learn How To Use Eft For Acne In this post I'd like to show how to use EFT, which is what I used to eliminate the emotional factors in my life that were causing my acne.   For those unfamiliar with it, EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple self-help technique which enables you to quickly and easily resolve all kinds of painful negative emotions, whether past...

How I Got Clear Of Acne And Depression

Posted by LukeSawyer, 03 July 2013 · 1,071 views
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There’s been a lot of talk about stress and acne lately. I’d like to demystify the topic, in order to bring it under people’s control. I want to show a little bit about how this connection works, and how it can be used in a very tangible way for healing. The word ‘stress’ is so vague it almost has no meaning. To people who ar...

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