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Week 9 (Pics)

Posted by lizardanne, 03 September 2013 · 1,071 views

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Well, I'm still in the home stretch, and it's so exciting!  I just have a few things to report:
I slept in my makeup twice this week (oops)...The first time, I broke out on my problem cheek, but it was very minor and is practically gone now.  :)  The second time, I didn't break out at all, minus a couple of clogged pores from putting heavy face paint on my upper cheeks.  Woo!
I actually ended up skipping the Regimen enough this week where some days I was only able to do one application of BP.  Thankfully (and surprisingly), I was completely fine.  I might try to do this after using the Regimen for the full 3-4 months, since it would be a huge time saver.
Also, I'd say I'm around 90% clear!  Yay!
I owe so much to the Regimen.  My skin hasn't looked this good and hasn't felt this under-control in ages.  Once I can get rid of my hyperpigmentation too, I'll know that this was a complete success.  So excited.  :D