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Day 22: Stepping It Up

Posted by lizardanne, 24 July 2013 · 942 views

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As mentioned previously, I've now been using the full amount of BP since Monday night.  So far, my skin is loving it.  I feel like waiting to increase the amount weekly was a smart idea at first, since I needed my skin to slowly adjust to the chemical, but after a while, I was just prolonging my progress.  Everything is drying up and shriveling away again, which is so lovely!  I feel like makeup will be a lot more successful this weekend :D
Also, I've decided to compromise my impulse to pop whiteheads.  If I have a whitehead that looks like it's ready to go, I'll follow Dan's guidelines and gently try to remove it.  If I can't, I'll just leave it be.  So far, it's been working out pretty well!  There's an increased amount of redness/scabbing (ew) on my face, but at least it's flatter, and I don't believe it'll scar.
I also believed at first that I had acne cosmetica when I began the Regimen.  This might have been the case, but now I think it's purely hormonal.  My breakouts are in hormonal areas (forehead occasionally; cheeks), and they start under the skin.  Sometimes they don't even turn into whiteheads, and the ones that do are a bit inflamed.  The Regimen is helping, no doubt, but I think I need to start battling my acne from the inside as well, which is why I'll be switching to a birth control with lower androgen levels.  Woohoo!
I'll also be starting AHA soon, probably within the next two weeks.  There is a LOT of hyperpigmentation happening on my cheeks, which hopefully it'll relieve.  Feelin' optimistic today. :)

birth control + the regimen sounds like a fail proof plan. tell me how the AHA works too! I bought a tube of that stuff but I'm hesitant to use it x:

Thanks! :D I will totally update on that; I'm pretty fearless when it comes to smearing chemicals on my face so I shall report sometime next week.  What are you hesitant about?

I tried it once and it made my flaky skin 10x's more flaky/scaly. I'm guessing I used it a bit too early during the regimen (like a month or so into it?) so I'm guessing my skin wasn't ready for all that AHA goodness hahaha


yeah I traumatized myself so the bottle is still sitting on my vanity picking up dust bunnies x:

Aw, that sucks!  AHA's actually supposed to help with that, so I guess it was too early :/