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Vitamins.. Commence!

Posted by stephzoars, 28 August 2013 · 803 views

milk bath probiotic vitamins
I bought a plethora of vitamins to try and eliminate these damn blemishes.
We'll see just how well calcium, d3, magnesium, zinc, l-lysine, and krill oil work for me!
I'm also going to begin a probiotic as soon as I have enough money to buy one.. stupid vitamins cost A LOT more than I thought.
As of right now, my skin TONE has never looked better, but I keep getting more and more pimples on my cheeks. Posted Image
I was practically clear before yesterday. I did work out for the first time in a while, but I took a bath and shower right afterwards.
It was actually a milk bath last night (dumped 2% gallon of milk into a tubful of warm water) and it was honestly great!! I had to take a shower after though, because with exfoliating comes dead skin cells.
I heard that lactic acid is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin, and I must say it is. But I think washing my honey mask off with the milk water is what broke me out.. I have little whiteheads on my cheeks and chin. Blarghhhh. I just got some Tea Tree Oil but I have nothing to dilute it with (I LOVE grapeseed oil - perfect for sensitive skin). I just have extra virgin olive oil, which in the past has broken me out.
Bummer! Hopefully I find what works so I can help as many people as possible with crappy skin like myself!

x x Stephanie