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Tired Of This Feeling

Posted by indisguiselookingforpride, 29 June 2013 · 537 views

I guess I should begin by saying that ever since the 6th grade I started breaking out. Nothing big just little bumps on my forehead then, 7th grade changed those little bumps to big red bumps all over my forehead. Not a spot on my forehead was clear it was gross. Eventually in 8th grade it was clearing up and then High school came and my acne started developing it still wasn't so bad I started breaking out on my cheeks a little and each year High school progresses so did my acne. I'm an upcoming senior and now my checks are filled with red bumpy pimples and my forehead has a couple too as well as my chin. I never knew how hard it was to live with acne till this summer. I have not done much because I am to embarrassed to show my face cuz it's awful. My siblings have been noticing it getting worse and it sucks having to hear them say it. All I do is lay on my bed and wait till the day passes and pray every night that it gets better. Like everyone who suffers from acne I get insecure and hate looking in the mirror. Literally all my friends skin is clear so it's so embarrassing to be the ugly one.. I just need people to relate to. To know in not alone in this because that's all I've been feeling lately..

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