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Day 40

Posted by lovesam101289, 05 August 2013 · 449 views

So I had my one month check in with my derm back on the 30th and It went really well:) Dr. Desilva was very happy with my progress, he commented that I went from 36 large cystic spots to 16 small/medium cystic spots. I have also started on my full dose of Accutane. I was taking one 40mg pill a day and now I'm on two 40mg pills a day. I have already seen...

Day 26

Posted by lovesam101289, 20 July 2013 · 566 views

So there hasn't been any huge changes since the last time I checked in. My acne has been really calming down, there have been no more cystic acne break outs so far. I'm getting regular pimple though. The oddest thing that I have experienced has been my blackheads and whitehead literally have been pushed out of my pores. I go to sleep and when I wake up I...

Day 16

Posted by lovesam101289, 12 July 2013 · 497 views

Hey guys,  just wanted to let you guys know how I've been doing on Accutane. I'm so happy with the results so far, I know that sounds weird, but I have seen a difference in my skin. I know that so crazy, people have told me that they didn’t see results until the third month, but for me that isn't the case. Yes I still have my cystic acne, but t...

Day 7

Posted by lovesam101289, 02 July 2013 · 543 views

Day 7My acne has exploded on my face and it hurts to touchL It’s been 7 days since I started taking Accutane and my skin hates me for it! I’ve gotten at least 15 more cystic breakouts around my face. My face is red and angry. The other thing that is really starting to be noticeable is the dryness and flakiness of my skin, especially around my...

Day 3

Posted by lovesam101289, 29 June 2013 · 386 views

So, it’s been three days since I've started on my Accutane journey and so far so good. I've noticed some drying on my chin from active acne breakouts. I don't know if it’s the medication or if the dryness is from the acne healing. Paired with the drying acne breakouts, there is a definite case of dry mouth. I’m pretty good with my water...

The Start Of My Journey:)

Posted by lovesam101289, 26 June 2013 · 649 views

So last month I went to my derm to finally give the green light to start on accutane. I stated having mild acne when I was a freshmen in College and got some pretty mild antibiotics and topical creams to clear it up, and it did clear up in 4 months. Unfortunately my acne came back after 6 months and it was worse http://www.acne.org/...d//public/st...

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