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My Daily Regiment

Posted by donnytsu, 22 June 2013 · 893 views

acne regiment indonesian male 28 yo
Hello there, this is my first time I write in my acne.org blog. My name is donny, and I am indonesian. I want to share my daily routine to keep my face free of acne.
First time in the morning, while taking a bath, I used to wash my face using nivea visage sparkling white purifying foam, it contains beeswax, and doing great on my skin. Somehow it keeps my face from growing acne, in my opinion. I wash my face very gently, nearly without any pressure. Yes, you have to treat your face really gently to keep it healthy and free from acne. Then I dried my face using dry cloth, and with just tapping it gently, without rubbing my skin.
After my face dried, I would use hada labo shirojyun lotion, to make my skin hydrated all day long, and then using a type of nourishing cream that contain algae/seaweed extract and almond extract. In indonesia its ca
lled Gizi super cream. That's is all my morning routine.
In the evening, I take a bath, and also wahing my face again. The foam is the same, nivea. Then hada labo. But after hada labo, I used calamine lotion. And once in two days, I would put 4% aha cream after the calamine lotion. Fyi, my face is oily before this routine, and now going toward normal.

It seems to me that beeswax would clog pores. You can't get acne medications in Indonesia? Do you guys have health insurance and dermatologists? I know I sound like an ignorant American but educate me because I just don't get it.

I don't know how it works, but the soap that I used make my skin not too dry, and it makes my skin better. Yes I have health, insurance, and I've seen my dermatologist for several time, but my acne keeps coming back, I just trying otc product that works for my skin.

How can beeswax prevent acne? Show before and after pics. Why don't you use real medications if you truly have acne? Why do you need a moisturizing soap if you have oily skin?

Next time I will upload the picture. I mean, when I used another soap before, my skin will be very dry at first, then my oil gland will produce a lot of oil in about two hours. The beeswax is not main ingredient of the soap, but I think it is the main reason my skin not overdry when I washed my face. Therefore not making my sebaceous glands overly producing oils and make my acne worse. Actually what makes my skin better is calamine lotion, it will dry my face, I mean really dry, it is an astringent, which mean will shrink the oil glands, and calamine has antibacterial properties. The hada labo is a lotion that has a consistency of water, like toner. It doesn't contain oil, but hyaluronic acid that have water retention ability. And I think it will compensate the dryness caused by calamine. The seaweed cream also tends to dry my face. This is my humble opinion, but it works for me.
I want to used easy to get otc products, and don't want to be dependent on medication, because of its side effects. And the foam/soap has a label on it that says don't clog pores, and tested by dermatologist.

Side effects are rare and if they happen, your dermatologist will switch your medication. If you don't want to use medications then get used to acne because you're gonna have it forever, especially if you put bees wax on your face! I doubt that any otc soap is non-comodegenic if it includes bees wax. You are way on the wrong path.

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