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Washing Face On Accutane..

Posted by Carlyyy15, 29 July 2013 · 722 views

So sometimes my face just feels so dry and painful from washing my face. I use cetaphil normal to oily face wash and sometimes it really burns to use. Right now I'm washing my face twice a day. In the morning with cetaphil gentle wash then at night with the normal to oily stuff. Would I be okay to go some nights without washing my face? I hate sleeping in my makeup but I feel like washing it all the time isn't good for it. Anyone have some opinions? Will sleeping in my makeup like ruin my skin?

Hi :) I definitely would not sleep in your make-up at night. You need to clean your skin to help it heal and breathe. But, if you don't want to wash it with a cleanser... "Simple Cleansing Face Wipes" are AWESOME for getting rid of make-up. And they're all natural and just lovely! Hope that helps!

Sleeping in your make-up will totally ruin your skin. Your pores will be so clogged it will totally minus out anything accutane is doing for your skin. Try adding an oil-free moisturizer to your regimen and try make-up removing towelletes for sensitive skin by neutrogena. I know that feeling of having painfully dry skin because I use benzaclin and when I first started it, it was sooo drying. My face was like tight and desertish. I saw it through though and the dryness has subsided.

Okay thanks for the help! I just didn't know if maybe it'd be okay every now and then to not but I guess ill just suck it up haha

Try CeraVe creamy moisturizer in the tub!

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