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Day 25!

Posted by Carlyyy15, 27 July 2013 · 433 views

So I think for now ill stay on accutane. We shall see! Right now the left side of my face is sooo broken out. I'm really frustrated because my face looked better before I started than now. My forehead has completely cleared up of all the little bumps I used to have. My chin has also cleared up, I did have huge pimples like last week. My chest is also really broken out. I used to just have bumps but now it's like actual painful pimples and white heads. Ugh.

I don't know what the deal is with accutane. Can you use like benzoyl peroxide or clindagel or panoxyl bodywash or even an antibiotic pill set complete with amoxil and keflex (thats what I have tee-hee).

Give it a little bit, about a month in, I got (I swear to god) the biggest, deepest cyst o the side of my face, ever.  It took the second month, higher dosage to do some work.  Stick with it :-)

You can't take any other medicine while on accutane! And oh boy I hope that doesn't happen to me! That sounds terrible. I'm just trying to stay positive!

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