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Day 47

Posted by lolita44, 04 August 2013 · 600 views

Well I'm just a few days away from my 50 day mark. And halfway there to my 2 month mark. I haven't really posted because not much has changed. My skin looks like shit. As far as cysts go (the ones I got on my IB) all dried up but have left red marks. I'm continuing to get whiteheads, particularly around my chin and lower cheek area. It's so depressing. I have so many red marks and the pimples take so long to heal. I just hate the way I look with acne and I wish I could go back to the days when I had clear skin. When will I get my clear skin? Why are the red marks prominent and not going away?


Awwww! I know that feeling well and I'm sorry. Hang in there. It WILL get better!

I'm sorry, it will get better. It will be worth it in the end! Just think, you're already 50 DAYS INTO ACCUTANE! Most people say their skin clears up in month 2 or 3, so you're really close! Don't give up hope!

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