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Need Some Encouragement- Day 15

Posted by hope2013, 19 March 2014 · 257 views

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Hey everyone...
So I took my first pill of 60mg today. It was fine, but I could tell my face and lips were a bit more dry.
But I am in need of major encouragement because of the crazy number of red marks all over my face :/
It's really, really disheartening to put concealer on like 10+ red marks on my face just to feel comfortable going outside. I can tell some are healing, but there are 2 that are pretty red and stubborn...and might take a week or more just to look semi-normal.
In need of encouragement or tips if anyone has some!!!
On the bright side, I guess my skin is looking better...just hoping the red marks go away and that my IB is over. Fingers crossed like crazy!!!!

Have you tried tinted moisturizer? I don't know how much it can help you. That and setting powder that has not bismuth oxychloride or talc. 


Also I use organic cold pressed jojoba oil. It is great especially with the cold we had in Chicago. It has helped. I use filtered. Many people have luck with regular/ unrefined but it did not work for me.  


Hope that helps. Good luck!

I have a totally red face after I exfoliate. I just think the benefits of using BP outweigh the risks. I know you have red marks but they will fade. I don't think make-up is a good idea though. I understand your conundrum though. How do you go out with red marks? Just go and know that it is a temporary state and that the marks will heal and disappear over time.

Thank you for the comments!


I haven't used tinted moisturizer, but my skin tends to clog when I use anything liquid (even bb creams).


I have jojoba oil but it's the Desert Essence kind...I've just been dabbing a dot on the red marks under the moisturizer, but I'm not sure if that's doing much.


I know makeup is a bad idea, but I can't bear to go outside without at least oil-free concealer and powder on. :/


I appreciate the encouragement...acne sucks :(

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