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Accutane- Day 7--Is It Working?

Posted by hope2013, 05 August 2013 · 752 views

At first, I mis-counted. It's Day 7, which means week one is done! Woo!
I have been taking Accutane (one 40mg pill per day) for 7 days and not much has happened. I had a few tiny whiteheads that came and went away. My lips got a bit more dry (but I already constantly use chapstick). Other than that, I haven't felt barely any side effects. My face is fairly clear, except for one healing spot in the center above my top lip. 
Is the Accutane working yet? Or, does it take longer than 6 days to experience the effects? I called my derm today and left a message asking this question, so hopefully I will have an answer later tonight.
Did Accutane take a few weeks to start working for you? When did you feel the side effects?

For me it was around the third week but I was on 20mgs, 6 days is still pretty early. It may get bad or you may have little to no side effects at all, everyone is different. You'll probably just have to deal with very chapped lips.

I can totally deal with really chapped lips! I just hope that I don't get an initial breakout (fingers crossed)!!!

When did your derm increase your dosage?

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