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Weeks 3-4

Posted by tanna23, 04 December 2013 · 162 views

So i've been breaking out since last week... started out as tiny little bumps that would go away easily... now they're bigger and not going away. hopefully they fade soon. I haven't had any new ones for like the past two days but i got quite a few between last week and this week which are still there. I'm thinking of adding benzoyl peroxide back, but there really isn't a time i could use it. I sweat all day and night time i use the tretinoin.
I have a mask on now... hoping to shrink these little bastards on my face. My chest shoulders and arms are still clear. I had two huge painful pimples on my back but otherwise the skin on my back is becoming kinda smooth for the first time in years so I'm all excited about that. Just wish my face could become smooth too... right now it's just shiny and weird looking. I don't like the way my skin looks with the retin-a... it feels nice though... you know, in between the pimples. Hope this breakout clears up quick! It's almost christmastime people take pictures

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