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Retin A - Day 8 Why Im Trying It Again

Posted by tanna23, 12 November 2013 · 174 views

My mom was wondering why I was trying the retin a after I tried and failed last time so just in case anyone read my review and is also wondering... here's why:
- My acne on it's own is much less severe now than the first time I tried retin a
(and from what ive seen it seems to work on mild acne) 
- my doctor back then was a quack, the one now worked out a system for me. Im actually starting off just using it every other night until i go back to see him
- im on a higher dose : 0.05% now as apposed to 0.025% before (since the 0.025 didn't help)
- my diet is also different now, there's no diary or sugar, and im on vitamin c, d3, along with a multivitamin and mineral 
- he promised to start me on accutane if this fails (this is mosty why i agreed to it to be honest)
I'm a very impatient patient, and only using this every other day is really getting to me. I feel like I must do something to my face. 
Not much. The million tiny bumps on my forehead have shrunk and i have a small zit on my jawline but thats it. i know i shouldn't expect much considering how few times i actually used it so far
I don't see my doctor until the 22nd =/ 

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