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Week 1

Posted by tanna23, 14 June 2013 · 664 views

I've decided to document my struggle with my skin. I'm hoping it will help me keep on tack in some way.  I can update once a week or so and let you guys know what's working for me. 
New Stuff: 
- Started zinc supplements - 25mg/d 
- Continued taking my multivitamin + mineral
- Went to 9 pharmacies looked for b5. Had some dummy tell me "b5 doesn't exist" tried to figure out a way to order it to my nice wonderful 3rd world haven without it coming up to the equivalent of  $50USD or more a bottle. 
Currently using: 
Neutrogena Rapid clear toner at night (2% salicylic acid and some amount of glycolic acid), going to start using Clear Zit (10% BP) also since the toner alone definitely does not work... however it does help with marks which I am thankful for.

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