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My Clear Skin Journal

Stopping Retin A

Posted by tanna23, 03 March 2014 · 463 views
It's been four months now on retin-a and my skin is just getting worse and worse. My doctor wants me to keep trying. it's like he thinks it's supposed to work on everyone but i don't think it works on me. I tried it before and it didn't. Although last time it didn't make my moderate acne into severe nodules and cysts which  now have...plus my skin is...

So Depressed

Posted by tanna23, 17 February 2014 · 276 views
I'm so depressed about my skin. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I spend all my money on things to get rid of my acne that just don't work. I have an upset stomach everyday from medication that doesn't work. My face hurts from a medication that just doesn't work. And people are still mean idiots who like to point out any imperfection and right no...

Retin-A Week 14

Posted by tanna23, 14 February 2014 · 281 views

It seems like my skin is just getting progressively worse. I now have three cysts on my chin. 
The doxy is still making me sick. I have an upset stomach all day and I'm gassy. It's embarrassing. My stomach growls like it's empty sometimes and it's not. I've actually been eating more to just quiet my stomach. I'm trying to always stay full. Maybe i'm...

Week 13 - Retin A

Posted by tanna23, 07 February 2014 · 683 views
I feel like my skin was better without the retin a. I have 21 small pimples on my forehead, they're small but all together my forehead looks like shit. I also have some small bumps where my sideburns would be if I had them and a few on my cheeks.
I don't understand how I'm breaking out again. I'm not close to my period. I didn't sit and eat a bucket of s...

Retin-A - 3 Months

Posted by tanna23, 27 January 2014 · 385 views

I honestly haven't seen a big improvement in my skin since starting retin-a. Right now I;m just hoping that all "purging" is finished and that I've finally found something that works for my skin. 
My skin looks and feels less irritated. I still look shiny. Whether my skin is tight and dry, or at that point where when I touch it it feels like i...

My Current Regimen On Retin-A

Posted by tanna23, 22 January 2014 · 297 views

Every Morning 
I was my face, back and chest with Zakuro black soap. I take 100mg doxycyclien after breakfast.
Every Afternoon 
In the shower I wash my back and chest with the black soap. I rince my face with plain water. I take my one-a-day women's multivitamin with my afternoon snack. 
Night time  
I wash my face with...

Week 11 - Breakout Is Gone

Posted by tanna23, 22 January 2014 · 142 views

So no more breakout. My skin looks and feels a lot less irritated except right after washing. So that's good. I think i'll have to stick to using the retin-a every other day. Maybe I'll reach the point of no irritation. The doxycycline is still making me feel sick. 
I had two painful pimples, one at the corner of my lip and a huge cyst under m...

Week 10 - Another Breakout?

Posted by tanna23, 13 January 2014 · 189 views

I think i;m breaking out again on this stupid retin-a. It's irritating my skin AND it seems to give me a breakout every few weeks now it seems. 
Also the doxycycline is now making me feel really sick. I have an upset stomach most of the day and it's just not right. 

Retina A - 2 Months In

Posted by tanna23, 05 January 2014 · 201 views

Time really flies... i've been so busy with school, work and family. I hate holidays. 
During week 5 or 6, i broke out a little more but nothing serious and it faded away quite quickly. But afterwards my skin started looking and feeling really tight, shiny thin and irritated. My face would hurt.  it was aweful so I went to see my doctor w...

Weeks 3-4

Posted by tanna23, 04 December 2013 · 165 views

So i've been breaking out since last week... started out as tiny little bumps that would go away easily... now they're bigger and not going away. hopefully they fade soon. I haven't had any new ones for like the past two days but i got quite a few between last week and this week which are still there. I'm thinking of adding benzoyl peroxide back, but ther...

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