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A Year Of My Regimen

Posted by gkitten25, 16 June 2014 · 286 views

diffein dianette
Well a few days short of a year but I started my regimen at the end of June last year.  It's been a tough journey, very hard at the beginning and a lot of low points.  But I am happy to say that after a year of dianette and differ my skin is looking the best it has in a long time my hyperpigmentation is pretty much gone and the handful of shallow scars seem to even more more and more as time goes by and most are pretty much non existent...my skin is back to what it was and I am really happy.  It wasn't easy and I went through hell at the start but it does get better if you let time and the right regimen to their work.  I guess this should be the end of my blog for now as I don't have any regular updates and haven't had a spot as such for over six months and my skin is looking really good, so I guess unless anything changes then that will be it for my blog.  I hope it helps someone, when I started my aim was to keep myself motivated but also give a good month to month update for those who were starting on the same or similar regimen to me.
My go to regimen for the last six months has been
Elemis cream cleanser or Priori Gentle aha Cleanser
Vitage correct and perfect serum with salicylic and glycolic acid (very gentle and small amounts)
Avene light daily spf 20 moisturiser
Make up - love estee lauder double wear light and their new BB cream
At night I use the same cleanser as above, either or, not both at the same time
Then I will apply my e45 cream and just before I go to bed I apply my differin, sometimes I will apply the differin before I moisturise and other nights I will skip the differin all together now that my skin has settle but at first I always applied it twenty minutes after washing, waited about half an hour and then moisturised, but one it really got to work I noticed I could mix things up a bit
And that's it really, simple but works for me.
Good luck guy and it really does get better with time. xxx

I never get updates on posts on my blogs it's so annoying.  I know, a happy ending for just now, who knows how long it will last be trying to stay positive xxx

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