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9 Months Of Differin And Dianette

Posted by gkitten25, 31 March 2014 · 256 views

differin dianette
Hey guys
Just checking in with my monthly update.   Nothing new to report except that my skin continues to improve, not had any active acne for a good few months so my skin is getting plenty of time to heal.  Still have days where I think my red marks are never going to go away, but then the next day I think it looks so much better, so there are still highs and lows, but I am happy with where my skin is at.  In terms of my regimen it is still the same, cleanse with my Elemis cream cleanser, then I will either apply my avene light moisturiser or apply my salicylic acid serum first and then moisturise.  At night it I use the same cleanser, apply my E45 cream then my differin just before bed.  I have just started using a silicone stick that is meant to really help with red marks and texture, so I put that on just before I do my make up or just after my differin at night.  Only been using it for a few days but have noticed an improvement already which is great and I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  Still taking my vitamin c and b vitamins everyday as well.
In terms of make up...I really do love borjois healthy mix foundation.  I have tried others but this really is the best...coverage is great and it is so lightweight it makes your skin glow...it's not cakey at all and really makes my skin look nice.
Will continue with my monthly updates...I'm starting a new healthy regimen and I have been eating total rubbish lately...it's not really affected my skin but should be going on holiday in June and I want to feel and look my best :)
Gill xxx

My skin was too for a while, I was using mostly powder make up but really wanted to try a bb cream or a liquid one.  So far I like the borjois, it's very light weight and no breakouts, it gets good reviews online too.  Love the bodyshop as well, I buy my perfume from there :)

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