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Week 14

Posted by gkitten25, 01 October 2013 · 271 views

differin dianette
Week 14 of dianette and 13 of Differin.  Not much new to report except that the cyst/blocked pore that has been bothering me has went right now, so now I pretty much have no active spots.  PIH has went down a little again and I guess I am just working on that now.  Feeling a bit more confortable in my skin and concentrating on healing.  From now I am just going to update once a months unless anything major happens.  My GP is happy to keep me on dianette which is great and I feel a lot more relaxed about things now that I have a regimen that is working for me.  Hope you are all doing well and don't give up, there is a combination out there for everyone and I am still working on my confidence as it isn't all about how you look.  I have just started back on my anti depressants and proud to say so, some people are embarassed to say that but I'm not, I need to help my mind as well as my body and for just now until I am feeling better they are my crutch :).
Gill xxx

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